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For the athlete who needs a little more resistance at the top end, the NÜOBELL 232 provides up to 32kg of all-in-one weight, stepped in the same 2kg increments as the 220. 

This adjustable, heavy weight set fits both men and women, beginners and experienced athletes; just turn the handle to set the weight of your choice.

Weight range (kg): 2–4–6–8–10–12–14–16–18–20–22–24–26–28–30–32

Net Weight: 32 KG

Product Dimensions: L-485 x H-185 x W-180 mm
Handle: Length 105 mm, diameter 32 mm

Sold as a set of two (2 pcs)
2 year warranty

Swedish patent, development and customer support. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Josip Stojić


Balint Melcher


Best product in my personal gym.

The dumbbell are very high quality, super easy to set up, use and store back.

Alexander Manns
happy with the dumbbells but very dissatisfied with the long waiting time

I ordered the ATX Nüobell 580 from a German online shop 20 weeks ago ( Originally a delivery time of 10 weeks was stated there. After 19 weeks there was still no delivery date, so I canceled the order. I then ordered the 232s directly from Nüobell, which were delivered after a few days. I asked Nüobell customer service for a discount on the new order due to the long waiting time, but was refused. I was informed that the resellers of the 580 dumbbells (ATX) are responsible for the delivery time. Nevertheless, I think that the manufacturer also has a certain responsibility for the distribution of its products. Also, a little more understanding would have been appropriate.

I'm initially happy with the quality of the dumbbells, although the plastic parts don't seem like they'll last forever. You also have to be very accurate and careful when putting the dumbbells back in the holder. The small discs also rattle a bit when you train, but that doesn't bother you. Otherwise, the workmanship makes a high-quality impression. What I particularly like is the super quick adjustment. This makes drop sets very easy to implement. The knurling also gives you a good grip on the dumbbells. I think the price is a bit excessive but competitive compared to other modular dumbbells. Overall, I would recommend the dumbbells as they take up very little space. However, you cannot let them fall down.

Ivaylo Peev
Nuobel 232

This dumbbells are simply amazing.I only regret not to buy them earlier.Very stylish ones and the most beautiful thing is that you change weights in a flash.Somebody may say yeah but they are pricey but believe me they worth every penny.

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